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Bad Reviews 08/22/2013
The order didn't arrive. After an hour I contacted Eat24hours and was told the driver hadn't arrived and the order would be 10-15 mins late. After another 30 minutes not hearing anything I again contacted them to learn the driver still hadn't arrived. I then canceled the order. Tom, ordered 101 times
Bad Reviews 03/18/2012
i specifically wrote gluten free all over the place on my order, and all that entailed was to not have bread. and there was an english muffin right on top of my order, i called and the seamed unphased like it didnt matter, thanks roxanne cafe for not caring and wasting my time and money for sub par food.and for being rude on the phone. meghan, ordered 27 times
Bad Reviews 03/02/2012
I ordered from their breakfast and lunch menus at 1:30, seeing that they have breakfast until 2. My price came to about $30. They called half an hour later to tell me they no longer had they just waited until they didn't have it. I said ok, so I told them to just give me a lunch thing instead, but they went ahead and charged me much more for the difference. Then they told me that I was wrong for it being so much more because they did include something on the breakfast menu. They were confusing, the attitude was patronizing, and I am never ordering from this place again. I'm sure the food probably will suck too. Candace, ordered 152 times
Great Reviews 12/30/2011
good food, well-dressed delivery guy, right on time Alice, ordered 39 times
Bad Reviews 11/30/2011
Soggy Rissoto for $14, really poor technique. Tourist trap, rip off. Don't be fooled. Save your $$$ eat elsewhere. I was ripped off. Super poor quality. Zack, ordered 50 times
Bad Reviews 08/06/2011
Takes forever, food is always cold. Very bad service. mariya, ordered 2 times
Ok Reviews 05/14/2011
Good quality food, but thoughtless delivery turned my eggs benedict into a pile of yellow goop. Brad, ordered 244 times
Great Reviews 03/19/2011
Roxanne Cafe is simply excellent. Their food is delicious and their delivery is fast with food arriving within 40 minutes of my order, which is great when you consider making it, preparing it, driving it across town and delivering it to my home hot and tasty and ready to eat. I had the french toast with almonds, the San Francisco croissant, Napa omelet and eggs florentine, all of which I'll order again and highly recommend. Cornelius, ordered 56 times
Bad Reviews 07/16/2010
Terrible service Terrible food Terrible prices Never ever again e, ordered 4 times
Great Reviews 02/05/2010
Absolutely delicious--I wish there was more risotto (there was a good, dinner-meal sized portion, but I would have loved left overs). The salad was moderately good--may have been improved by creating a warm spinach salad, but the blueberry-pommegranite salad dressing was fantastic. The only negative things were (1) the risotto could have had a bit larger portion, and (2) the dessert was not great (chocolate mousse cake--seemed a bit old perhaps? Overall, very good Ellie, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 12/09/2009
they never open when they should. half the time the delivery guy is late or didn't show... which results in your food being cold and worthless by the time it arrives. the food is average and way overpriced. food does not travel well. Angel, ordered 341 times
Bad Reviews 05/25/2009
Overpriced to the extreme -- portions were miniscule and general flavor lacking. Came to over $30 for a burger, fries, and an order of calamari -- ridiculous. Sorry, but never again. Jeevan, ordered 200 times
Great Reviews 08/11/2008
I ordered the cheeseburger and fries, a sprite, and to make the $20 min the polenta. The cheeseburger was good, nothing special, but I asked for med-rare and they gave me med-well and they were stingy on the fries. Also my soda wasn't in a can. It was in a cup and warm and flat by the time it got to me. All that would have been fine, but when I got around to opening up the polenta I was severely disappointed. $8 for 4 tiny, dry pieces. I might order from them again, but never the polenta. Ian, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 07/26/2008
It took over an hour to receive our order and when it arrived it was incorrect. The restaurant did send the correct item fairly quickly (about another 15-20 minutes) and threw in some free bread but overall I wasn't impressed. Heather, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 01/05/2008
Way over priced food, with below average taste. shawn, ordered 167 times
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My husband & I are California natives and we both LOVE Roxanne Cafe! We are regulars & the staff is always professional, kind and do their best to please... read more...
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I wanted a low key dinner near my hotel. Since the guy at the front desk didn't have a lot to offer, I just wandered on my own and stumbled upon this place.... read more...
Posted by Dave W. on

Walked in around 10am on a Friday. There's maybe 25 tables in the place, mostly 2 tops and 4 tops and 3 wait staff on. Not very busy at all. IDK if that was... read more...
Posted by Mary C. on